About Us

Welcome to GHARTAKK.in !!! Delivering your Home Needs....

GHARTAKK.in is Dhanbad’s Premium largest online food and grocery store. With over thousand's of products and brands in our catalogue you will find everything you are looking for. Right from Rice and Dals, Flours, Spices and Seasonings to Packaged products, Beverages, Personal care products, Baby Care Products, Stationery and many more – we have it all.

Choose from a wide range of options in every category, exclusively handpicked to help you find the best quality available at the lowest prices. You can pay by cash on delivery.

  • An easy and convenient shopping experience
  • A hassle-free online experience
  • Best discounts available in the market
  • COD on every order
  • Introducing new coupons to keep the prices even low
  • And a totally satisfied you, who'll want to come back to us again and again
  • After all, you know it's a smart thing to do!

How is it better than my nearby store?

GHARTAKK.IN is a platform where you get the groceries at the lowest price possible, and even if you are not paying less than the store, you are saving much with GHARTAKK.

We tell you how……

Think of the time you spent in going to the grocery store and standing in the queue, and then carrying the bags loaded with above 20-30 Kgs, and then you pay to the local transport for carrying it, wherein, in GHARTAKK you just have to order it once through online or phone, and get the groceries at your home instantly that also free of cost. You must be aware of traffic situation in our town. It is getting worse day-by-day and after that heat of this summer. It all adds to the difficulty.


Instant Free Home Delivery*....

Products of your choice, no compromise..

Sometimes at your nearby store you ask for your favourite brand and they say, we don’t have it but you can take this, its similar or even better, and you end up buying something you didn’t wished for…..At GHARTAKK, (where we have thousands products to offer), you don’t have to compromise, but you can always go for your favourite brand

Don’t be afraid of online shopping… PAY CASH ON DELIVERY !!!

We don’t prefer online payments as we understand the concern in our customer’s mind, so we have only one option, i.e. to pay cash on delivery, which adds to the trust that once you receive & review the products, then only you have to pay for it.